For students or new in the industry: making it easy and affordable to get started
by showing your works and evolving as an artist.

For established artists with years of experience: more freedom and control over your exhibitions,
you’ve spent years perfecting your techniques and your name, you should reap all the benefits of that
and not give away a percentage of your earnings to the hosting gallery. 




I feel a bit strange about you not taking commission, why is that?


We understand this concern. To us, our driving force is not about making money, it’s about helping the up-and-coming and established artists grow by offering a venue where they can show their art to other artists and art collectors so they can expand their creativity and make more connections. We also don’t want the artist’s motivation to create should be motivated solely by making money. We want to be a gallery that shows the art of the people, with a wide range of categories - many galleries have a strong niche, but we want to find and show unique art from all corners of Sweden, not just the artworks that generate money. That is why we chose to have very low starting prices so it would adhere to everyone who creates and want to show their work. Our goal is to create a creative oasis where artists can inspire each other - not just make money off each other. 

With Oak Island Gallery we are trying to build something new that will inspire and motivate artists of all categories to create, and for starting artists it’s a great way to get their art out there - most likely, no gallery that takes a fee + commission will take in an artist who doesn’t have a name for themselves yet. 

And established artists have spent years and countless hours of hard work to make a name for themselves, it seems only fair that they should reap the benefits of their dedication to the arts, so the majority of the profit shouldn’t go to the hosting gallery, it should go to the artist. We’re trying to help the artist save money and time while they still get the benefits of showing at a gallery; feedback, networking, sales. We understand that this concept sounds strange - probably because we are the first to do it in Stockholm - and we know it will not be for everyone. But we are confident that we are going to become the creative meeting place many artists have been looking for. 



I’ve shown my art before at other galleries, could I show my art at your gallery or are you only
targeting students and up-and-coming artists?

Of course, you are welcome to show your art at Oak Island Gallery! We are a gallery that includes everyone as long as the art is appealing and speaks to us. Oak Island Gallery is a great place especially for established artists because you have experienced art shows before and now know what you want to do with your next one. With our private rooms, the exhibitions are longer and you as an artist get more freedom as to how you want your exhibition to be like, and at this point in your career, you probably have a list of previous customers you can personally invite to your show. We naturally help with marketing through social media, print and our contact books. Now you can sell your works without giving anything away to the hosting gallery! Come inside for a visit and see if you think we are a good fit!



Do I need to be present during my entire exhibition?


No. You are very welcome to come in and hang out whenever you want, but we have personnel that will keep the gallery open throughout your exhibition so you don’t have to miss weeks of work. Before your exhibition we have decided how we handle potential customers - some artists want to make the sale in person, some want us to make the sale and hold on to the money ‘til the end of the exhibition and some are fine with getting paid through Swish and never meeting the customer at all. But again, all of this is something we decide together before the exhibition begins so there is no room for error.


I’ve walked by your gallery several times with my dog and I’m curious to have a look inside!
Are dogs welcome?

Yes! As long as they are completely house-trained, polite and not covered in mud head to paw! Our Miniature Schnauzer Lexi usually hangs out in the gallery, so we are very dog friendly.