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Per Olsson, a highly talented Swedish photographer with a background in fashion and advertising photography, has established himself as a respected artist featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Elle, Plaza, and Cosmopolitan.

His latest project is a collaboration with Oak Island Gallery, featuring creatively curated portraits of unique and luxury cars that showcase his specialty in autofashion photography.

Per Olsson's photography blends rock 'n' roll, sophistication, and luxury, inspired by legendary photographers like Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Anton Corbijn, and Guy Bourdin. He challenges the norms of what is considered acceptable in portraying and capturing the nude female body from a feminist standpoint. His compositions feature powerful props and sensual models, creating captivating, classic images that celebrate the independence and allure of female energy. Per Olsson walks the fine line between "okay" and "not okay," pushing boundaries and capturing the true essence of his subjects.


nella hurtiG

Nella is constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with new techniques. Growing up with parents who owned a paint and wallpaper shop, she began drawing on the back of wallpapers in her youth, a practice she still incorporates into her charcoal and ink drawings today.

Her emotionally charged paintings and psychedelic art draw inspiration from music, pop culture, nature, and animals. Nella's work exhibits a strong attitude, attention to detail, deliberate distortions, and playful perspectives. She loves to add a psychedelic touch, especially when working with colors in fine and digital arts. Nella is a fixture in the gallery with her dog, Lexi, and she sells original art and occasionally takes on commissions.


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ed finnell



Ed Finnell was born in Los Angeles in 1956. He learned photography at an early age on family trips to California’s National Parks when he joined his dad on photo hikes to waterfalls, lakes, and rock formations.

Finnell's talent for music photography quickly gained recognition from top-tier bands, turning his hobby into a lucrative profession. His work captures the raw emotion and energy of live music performances and has been featured in magazines, tour programs, newspapers, and television worldwide. With his photos gracing four Rolling Stones albums and capturing every Stones tour from 1972 to 2022, Finnell's rare and pungent photography is a testament to his artistic vision and unwavering dedication to the power of live music.

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torleif svensson


Torleif Svensson is a Swedish photographer with over 30 years of professional experience in the field. His passion for music led him to capture the energy and spirit of rock concerts for many years.​

However, it was Queen's last tour in the summer of 1986 that truly inspired Svensson's obsession with capturing the magic of live performances. Standing right up front, he shot the very last shots of The King of Rock as he pulled off his crown and took his final leave of 120,000 screaming fans (or maybe even 200,000). This historic moment went down as one of Queen's finest performances, and it was only later that everyone realized it was their last. In his book "Queen - The Last Tour," Svensson shares his story of how this concert and the theft of his first set of shots inspired his photographic journey.

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Kenneth started his career at fifteen when he borrowed his father's box camera to capture Jim Clark, the Formula 1 world champion. He then followed motorcycle races for six years in Europe and the USA. He took the Picture of the Year in the magazine "SE" in 1967, and his friendship with Swedish Formula 1 legend Ronnie Peterson began in the autumn of '68.
Kenneth has been a freelance photographer for various newspapers worldwide, published in multiple languages, and a globetrotter through his contacts at Grand Prix tracks. Over the span of 50 years, he saw 48 Grand Prix with Ronnie and rented Berwaldhallen in Stockholm in 2019 for a performance about him.
His daughter Rebecca Olausson is also a photographer and has published photographs of the Mexican road race "La Carrera Panamericana" in a book by Johnny Tipler.

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torbjörn calvero

Torbjörn Calvero, 1949-2016.
Torbjörn was one of the earliest rock photographers and indeed became one of the greatest in that genre. He frequently held the title of the official photographer for the music elite and had captured the images of more rock stars than most.

Among others, he immortaliz
ed unforgettable moments with Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Bob Marley, Emmylou Harris, Marianne Faithfull, and many more. In addition to Sweden, he worked in countries such as England, Germany, and the USA. Swedish artists he celebrated through his lens included Cornelis Vreeswijk, Fred Åkerström, ABBA, Ulf Lundell, Roxette, Thomas Ledin, Pugh Rogefeldt, and others. Torbjörn was a genuine music lover, which is why his pictures truly exude the essence of music and life. It was as if he 'painted' many of his images and has been compared to the Rembrandt of photography.

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