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est. 2022.

We wanted to create the ultimate hangout spot in Stockholm - a rock n’ roll art gallery with art, music, and an inviting atmosphere with a vibe of its own.

Our gallery isn't just about showcasing art, it's about creating a buzzing, creative atmosphere where visitors can discover fresh talent, meet new connections, and have a real good time. And our gorgeous venue? It's been the star of the show since day one,  always shining the spotlight on the art on display - but most especially rock n' roll art and photography."


the Hurtig siblings, Jesper and Nella.



Jesper is the brain and the muscles of this gallery. A very driven man who started observing cinema with a critical and creative eye when he was a teen. Having travelled the world many times and produced several film projects gives him a unique insight as to how creatives can lift each other to new heights in Sweden, where the art society isn't as supportive as it is in other places of the world.


Nella, the younger sister of Jesper, is an artist and graphic designer. She loves to surround herself with music, animals and anything creative. She spent a few years in California but moved back peak-pandemic 2020, she’s currently taking commissions as an artist + designer. ​



Lexi is Nella's partner in crime. She hangs out in the gallery most of the time and she loves to mingle with strangers. Her area of responsibility is keeping the party going. If she senses that the positive energy is faltering she comes up and boops you with her nose.  


Lexi does not answer any emails. 

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