Oak Island Editions”

Fine Art Music Photography

​Oak Island Gallery is Thrilled to Announce a Unique Opportunity to Own a Piece of Music History
Ed Finnell`s Original Music Photography in a Large, Limited Edition Format.

This exclusive edition of Ed Finnell`s photography is a rare and pungent collection that captures the essence of live music like never before. This collection is sure to leave a lasting impression on collectors and fans alike. The large-scale format ensures that every detail of Finnell`s work is brought to life. Each photograph is printed on premium-quality paper, carefully chosen to enhance the images` vibrancy and depth, and framed with the highest standards.

  • We offer each photograph in two sizes: "small" and "large," we will print 5 in total of each.
  • All photographs are sold framed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • We offer home delivery and hanging services within Stockholm.
  • If you`d like to see them in person, we invite you to visit our gallery and have a look!

The prints were all prepared for large format printing for the first time ever by Oak Island Gallery.
Nella Hurtig, a graphic designer and photo editor, carefully prepares negative scans for large-format printing. Drawing from techniques learned from Ed Finnell, she employs darkroom methods during the editing process, ensuring that the final result closely mirrors the characteristics of a traditional darkroom-made photograph.

Oak Island Selections

The Rolling Stones - “Hair Flying”
From 35 000 SEK
The Mick Jagger - “Jagger Swagger”
From 35 000 SEK
Robert Plant - “The Golden God”
From 35 000 SEK
The Who - “I Can See For Miles”
From 35 000 SEK