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nella hurtig


"Nella is constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with new techniques. Growing up with parents who owned a paint and wallpaper shop, she began drawing on the back of wallpapers in her youth, a practice she still incorporates into her charcoal and ink drawings today.

Her emotionally charged paintings and psychedelic art draw inspiration from music, pop culture, nature, and animals. Nella's work exhibits a strong attitude, attention to detail, deliberate distortions, and playful perspectives. She loves to add a psychedelic touch, especially when working with colors in fine and digital arts. Nella is a fixture in the gallery with her dog, Lexi, and she sells original art and occasionally takes on commissions."

Nella is a graphic designer and photo editor and works closely with select, and almost exclusively, music photographers in preparing negative scans for large-format printing.


Here she is pictured with her latest work with Ed Finnell at Oak Island Gallery, titled 'The Who: I Can See For Miles.'

Need assistance with your scans or want to learn more about the process?

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selected artworks

Currently Taking On Commissions!

Starting at as low as 1,000 SEK.

Email Nella directly to learn more.

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