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Featured Artists




Per Olsson, a highly talented Swedish photographer with a background in fashion and advertising photography, has established himself as a respected artist featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Elle, Plaza, and Cosmopolitan.

His latest project is a collaboration with Oak Island Gallery, featuring creatively curated portraits of unique and luxury cars that showcase his specialty in autofashion photography.

Per Olsson's photography blends rock 'n' roll, sophistication, and luxury, inspired by legendary photographers like Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Anton Corbijn, and Guy Bourdin. He challenges the norms of what is considered acceptable in portraying and capturing the nude female body from a feminist standpoint. His compositions feature powerful props and sensual models, creating captivating, classic images that celebrate the independence and allure of female energy. Per Olsson walks the fine line between "okay" and "not okay," pushing boundaries and capturing the true essence of his subjects.


nella hurtiG

Nella is constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with new techniques. Growing up with parents who owned a paint and wallpaper shop, she began drawing on the back of wallpapers in her youth, a practice she still incorporates into her charcoal and ink drawings today.

Her emotionally charged paintings and psychedelic art draw inspiration from music, pop culture, nature, and animals. Nella's work exhibits a strong attitude, attention to detail, deliberate distortions, and playful perspectives. She loves to add a psychedelic touch, especially when working with colors in fine and digital arts. Nella is a fixture in the gallery with her dog, Lexi, and she sells original art and occasionally takes on commissions.



Joakim is a craftsman and painter from the southern part of Stockholm with a passion for art and creative expression. Joakim’s work is inspired by his emotions and experiences, creating large paintings that reflect his daily mood and emotional state.

He believes that the low points in his life are the times when his best work is produced, and his paintings are not only visually appealing but also deeply moving. 

Joakim's unique style incorporates elements of cubism, and his latest series of paintings is a collaboration with his daughter, showcasing his artistic growth and evolution. His works have garnered attention from art enthusiasts in Stockholm, but Joakim remains grounded and humbled by the response to his art. He is grateful for the opportunity to share his passion for art and connect with others through his work. 

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