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torleif svensson


"Torleif Svensson is a Swedish photographer with over 30 years of professional experience in the field. His passion for music led him to capture the energy and spirit of rock concerts for many years.

However, it was Queen's last tour in the summer of 1986 that truly inspired Svensson's obsession with capturing the magic of live performances. Standing right up front, he shot the very last shots of The King of Rock as he pulled off his crown and took his final leave of 120,000 screaming fans (or maybe even 200,000). This historic moment went down as one of Queen's finest performances, and it was only later that everyone realized it was their last. In his book "Queen - The Last Tour," Svensson shares his story of how this concert and the theft of his first set of shots inspired his photographic journey."

From Torleif Svensson's show at Oak Island Gallery in April/May 2023.

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