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"Explore the iconic beauty of what many consider to be the most stunning Formula 1 car of all time; the Lotus 72 in a new light at our exclusive exhibition with Per Olsson. Combined with select shots from renowned F1 photographer Kenneth Olausson, this exhibition takes the F1 Euphoria to new heights, celebrating the art of the sport and its racing icons."

"Modern F1 Euphoria ...


... is a gathering of millions of people in a billion-dollar empire. Every cosmopolitan Grand Prix season, billions of fans follow the sleek series of races on the screen, eagerly awaiting the moment when the fabulous crown is awarded at world championship banquets.

Half a century ago, F1 Euphoria was a life-and-death race on our planet. There were no mercy deals, which meant that walls and Armco fences sometimes protected drivers from injury, but other times they did not. Most Grand Prix legends of the '70s are still with us, but unfortunately, some did not survive. Champions such as Rindt and Ronnie had an eloquent driving style, effectively outmaneuvering their opposition. They both met their fate while driving for Lotus on the dangerous Monza track without any safety measures.

The pit and paddock were not only about wheels and power plants. Off the track, trendy ladies showcased the latest fashion. Keen eyes watched as vibrant women did their best to be acknowledged, ranging from the famous to the captivating grid girls. Many stylish garments have been launched via the Formula One series.

Welcome to our cosmic court. Join us in the galactic game that has won many hearts. The electrifying F1 Euphoria started in the '50s and has transformed into a carnival-like sport."

F1 Euphoria: Selections

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